Art 4 Planet Earth

The exhibition can be viewed online in an internet browser by clicking the link below.

But BEFORE YOU CLICK - a few points to note:

- To provide smooth navigation between exhibits the software behind the exhibition downloads all images before running. On a fast internet link this just a few seconds but slow links may involve an appreciable delay so please be patient!
- Once you have used the top 'arrow right' to start the exhibition you should see 1/94 - this means exhibit 1 of 94 exhibits. If you don't see 94, very unlikely but we are covering it anyway just in case, then your browser is holding an earlier version in its cache and you need to clear the cache. Each browser does this slightly differently but it's basically go to tools, and find the 'clear browsing data' option and clear the cache. Any problems, email us and we'll try to help.
- To optimise pre-run download times, images have been limited to 600px wide by 800px deep. Many exhibits really need to be seen live so try to visit one of the live exhibitions:

St George’s Hall, Bewdley 4th-15th October
Kidderminster College 18th-22nd October
Stourport Civic 26th October-5th November
Plus a smaller exhibition at Kidderminster College - check with them for dates.

That's it! CLICK HERE for the link.

If you have problems viewing the virtual exhibition please read our SUPPORT NOTES

How does it work?

The Virtual exhibition runs as a web page, this is to make it accessible on all platforms, such as Windows, Macs, mobile phones, etc. The web page is written in HTML and contains a specially written Javascript program that downloads a database containing details of each exhibit. This program also downloads images of all exhibits. Having done that it can display whichever exhibit the user selects. The database and images are downloaded from WFGA's server - its own cloud sorage system. This explains why there is a noticeable delay when the Virtual Exhibition web page is first visited. To get acceptable download times we have reduced all supplied images to a maximum of 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels high.

The database contains the information that is supplied on the form when an exhibit is submitted on the web site. When a submission is made, the form is sent to a customised PHP program, also resident on WFGS's server, that generates an email to The PHP software also puts the 'Thank you' response message on the user's web page. Once the email is received and checked, and once we have received a matching image, the email content is automatically added to the database by running it though a specially written program, written in Python language. The updated database and extra image are then manually uploaded to the WFGA server for future download by the web site Javascript program referred to in the first paragraph.

Videos are also accomodated, using Youtube as a server. As far as the database is concerned a video is just another image - but with a link to a Youtube video.

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