Art 4 Planet Earth
Support Notes

The exhibition software has been developed by within the WFGA and while every effort has been taken to ensure it works across various devices there simply is not the effort required to test on the huge range now in use.

If you can't run the software the first thing to check is that your browser has Javascript enabled in settings. It probably is, but worth checking.

On iPhones, we are aware of a problem with early versions of the Apple Safari web browser. If you hit this problem we advise the following:
- first try to update your Safari
- if this doesn't work, download the Chrome browser and use that instead.

If you still have problems please email us, defining the problem and giving details of the browser used and precisely which device it's being used on.

Our download links may not work on certain issues of browser, for example Edge version 12, IE, Safari 10, or Opera version 12. If you hit this problem please try another browser. Also, check that you don't have Multiple Downloads' blocked in your browser settings.