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WFGA Workshops

"Echos of the future" workshop - Thursday 7th October 2021
An online presentation hosted by the u3a Environmental Concern Group

Fasten your seat belts for a trip forward in time to a University Symposium taking place in the year 2071, and looking back at the effects of climate change on the UK over the previous 50 years.

To register and obtain a link for this online event please email Barry Walmsley at wyreforestecg@btinternet.com

"Act On Energy" workshop - Thursday 16th September 2021
An online discussion featuring Richard Millward of Act on Energy, chaired by Janice Bell of the Green Party and supported by WFDC.

In order to reach to reach zero carbon targets, older housing stock, i.e. the majority of our houses, will need to retrofit renewable heating. This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the options.

The link to enrol for the workshop is:

"Electric vehicles" workshop - Thursday 15th July 2021
Electric vehicles and transport in a climate emergency. What can we do as individuals? What policies should the Wyre Forest Green Alliance be promoting? Short presentation by Keith Budden followed by group discussion and policy option votes.

"Doughnut Economics" workshop - 16th June 2021
How can we move from growth in GDP as a measure of success to enabling communities to thrive? This is based on Kate Raworth's re-working of traditional economics with a focus on enabling people to thrive within the limits of a healthy planet.
"What is to What if" workshop - 28th May 2021

Art 4 Planet Earth Exhibition - April to November, 2021

COP26 is the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, taking place in Glasgow in November 2021. It is seen as the last chance to take serious action against Climate Change. By choosing the Planet Earth theme for our exhibition, we hope to raise public awareness of this conference and its importance.

But also, it's an opportunity to have fun showing off the creative skills of the Wyre Forest community. Below are a few screeenshots from our 'Taster' exhibition - the real thing will be in October.

Our virtual exhibition which is an interactive photo/video online display.

The online exhibition link is http://www.wfgall.org.uk/a4pe/va4pe/va4pe.html

We also have a live exhibitions.

Live Exhibition dates and venues confirmed so far are:

St George’s Hall, Bewdley 4th-15th October 2021
Kidderminster College 18th- 22nd October 2021
Stourport Civic 26th October-5th November

Entries for the exhibition can be made online at our website a4pe.uk . Last date for Virtual Exhibition submissions is end September.

Sustainability Festival - 30th April to 15th May, 2022

more details to follow later in year